I & I


I have faith in GOD,

Though, I ask often “why and what:


I cry on errors if I make,

Though, I admit it only for sake:


I have thoughts for world to change,

Though, I’m limited with a certain range:


I know, truth and love should roar,

Though, I am not for fight any more:


I am sure on what I believe,

Though, I doubt me at every eve:


I know, a day to die,

Though, I spend most by being shy:


I know, “Will” find ways,

Though, I not act but wishes and prays:


I know, Emotions grow, fade and dry,

Though, I lose much on responding them high.


I know, I am the one to claim,

Though, I follow not me, others to blame:


May I know me better and deep,

Vices to thrown off, virtues to keep!




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