I wish lot of money for me $$$


You really want?  

Of course I want.


You want money at any cost?

Not really, I want money while not harming to anyone.


You already have a source to get certain amount of money! Don’t you have? 

Yes, but that is not sufficient to get my all desires fulfilled, I want much more.


So you want all your desires to be fulfilled at any cost?


Isn’t this stupid question? I want money to buy every possible thing to make me happy and my family happy; being rich I can also help others as well… I want to live the life the way I want with all choices affordable to me.

You don’t realize’ how important money is for me; I know all my struggle for life would come to an end and I would start enjoying the life. Though, I know it is not possible to get that much money as my earning is limited unless, some magic happens.

I think “Money” is also a dream wish for me like my dream home, my dream love, my dream car, my dream holidays and lot more.

But the fact I know is “Dreams are dreams” I should live in reality; I should be content with the way I am living.  I should not be thinking about it anymore.


Ohh! You have given up on you dream! You are with same story most of us live with.

 Fact is you would never be able to attain contentment as your dreams are live and they would always be till you are live.

Giving up! Does not mean you can get rid of your dreams and wishes…

It is more painful for you being passive as you can never overcome your desires until you go through them.

 What should I do then?


Stop thinking and start acting on your desires.

I did not understand?


Please understand, you always know what you wanted in your life, you always end up thinking about it or dreaming about it. You always wanted money for a purpose as you think this is medium through which you can meet with your desires.

 Why not make that one purpose as a thought to act for dreams.

 Now stop wanting and start acting to earn Money for that purpose.  And most importantly, by this time you would have killed your passiveness.

 You would now be ready to optimize your creative mind for all the way to meet the purpose.

 I understand” but what if it doesn’t work?


The only and best option is to act and move on when dark is all around rather being passive. Let your mind trust on your thoughts.

 I will, Will you be with me in this journey?


Yes, since your journey to meet your dreams can be a thought for many before they give up…


To be continued…


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