A Gift worth more than a MILLION dollars


There is something about Christmas, everything seems more beautiful and pleasant – and everyone more in Love, coming together, cheering and celebrating the joyful season. It’s a happy time of the year, when people cherish peace, show their gratitude and affection in the form of presents. You spend hours finding just the right gift for your family and friends– wrapped with personal touch.

“What if Christmas…perhaps…means a little bit more!” ― Dr. Seuss

What if this Christmas, you could give yourself a Gift worth more than a million dollars? A gift of Kindness – so that you can keep Christmas in your heart everyday – a feeling of joy and ugly thoughts at bay. When you’re kind to yourself, you get more closer to your authentic self and evolve as a Human. It not only brings love and warmth in your life – but makes you generous to everyone else.

“Kindness is a mirror of your soul. The more you look into it, the more you know yourself and your bigger purpose.”


Just go back in time to the state when you were unkind to yourself- in difficult situation? the time you failed? or when you were going through bad relationship? Now think about the consequences you’d faced- anger, devastation, self damage which began to spread in every area of your life and how it also made the people feel unpleasant around you. Did you know the study proves that being kind makes you happier? Not only that, it allows you to build stronger relationships with others.

So, let today be the day- give yourself worth more than a million dollar gift and see the magic happening. Always remember:

  • If you aren’t kind, you’re hurting yourself.
  • Kindness brings love and happiness in your life – and allows you to build stronger relationships.
  • Practice kindness and you’ll realize your life has become more peaceful.

Be generous and share this Gift with your family & friends.


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