Ohh! My little heart…


Ohh! My little heart…

I know, how you feel,

Time is passing by waiting for dawn,

Blurry Pathway strays your calm;

And yet, being alone fighting with every unfavorable barrier;

Preserving many dreams in a world of uncertainty.

I know, how you deal,

Mind goes polluted by material around,

Emotions are influenced by norms and bounds;

And yet, you stand by, conquering yourself with in:

Believing in many thoughts you wish to live for.

I know, how you adjust,

Could express only truth but no voice,

Cannot be forced but no choice;

And yet, you being convinced to get out from fear and falseness;

Convincing every sense to live up but give up.

Ohh! My little heart…

You are the unspoken energy, I must say,

You are pure and beautiful in every way;

I understand your pain and cure,

One day! You will cheer for sure.


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